I’m over you
I’m over you
I’m over you
I’m over you
I’m over you
I’m over you
…great, just great.

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this is how it works

Ready, set, go you don’t have to know we can take forever, learn together any flow touch me slow, watch it grow kiss the tip, gently flow, be my ho and take the show we can watch it in slow-mo, when the sweet and low drips don’t forget to let me wet my finger tips write love letters back and forth across your lips spread my hips, count to eighty, eighty ways, eighty trips


One time for you mind two times if ya tense baby, let it unwind three counts, let it bounce to the mothafuckin’ ounce here we go, now you know 4th down let it flow back around, come on kiss my, kiss my, mm-wah

anyone awake?

Sadly for me

I don’t believe in giving second chances… I never knew why I’ve always tried figuring it out but. After I feel that I’ve been wronged.. Then ultimately I’m done with you. No hard feelings but I’ve washed my hands clean of you.. For good

this motherfucker is psychotic! i bet you there’s serial killers less anal!!

Leavin me for a white woman cuz shes the only one that’ll tolerate your smug ass!! i was your white woman for 11 years!!! you couldnt have started that damn company without me! I WORKED MY ASS OFF!!!! i got a masters degree in busness!!! and then i was his secretary his office manager and his computer!!!! “no kyrin you cant start your catering business this year why dont you wait a few years? yeah dont start it right now wait 1 2 or 3 years1 i need you to be the background to my fuckin foreground” 732…. 732!!!!! the numebr of times we made love!!! i remember when that bastard told me he was countin!!! right after 51! I’LL SHOW YOU!!!!! fuck me for not leavin yo ass then!!!!! but the worst?!?! oh the fuckin worst!!!! makin my kids go to a school where thers only two other black students cuz you dont want them to be “improperly influenced!! well guess what john?!?! YOU’RE THE MOTHERFUCKIN IMPROPER INFLUENCE!!!!! GET YO SHIT!! GET YOU SHIT!!!!!!! AND GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!

just like you

i get lonely too